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Title Type
Animal Farm D
All about my mother D
American psycho D
Amelie D
Alien B
Alien Covenant D
Absolutely fabulous B
About a boy D
Alien vs Preditor D
African Queen D
Addams family B
Animatrix D
Armageddon D
American history X D
Angel heart D
Assassins D
Adventures of Baron Munchausen D
Austin Powers 2 D
Amityville horror B
Aeon Flux D
Armando Iannucci D
American gothic B
Alfred Hitchcock B
Angela D
Andromeda Strain D
The American Astronaut D
Annie Hall D
Alles auf Zucker D
Adam Curtis films (The century of the self/The power of Nightmares/The trap) D


Title Type
Blade Runner V,D,B
Black books B
Blakes 7 B
Blow-up D
Brotherhood of the Wolf D
Bubba Hotep D
Bugs Life D
Bagdad cafe D
Brazil D
Barbarella D
Boogie nights D
Blade D
Bill & Ted's bogus/excellent adventure D
Blue streak D
Bottle rocket D
Blackadder B
Battlestar Gallactica B
Battlestar Gallactica: Razor D
Bewitched S1 B
Bleak House B
Belleville rendez-vous D
Blood from the mummy's tomb D
Buffy the Vampire Killer (1-5, 7) B
Babylon 5: The Lost Tales B
Blakes Junction 7 D
Bill Bailey classic collection D
Bill Bailey - Dandelion Mind D
The Butterfly Effect (I & II) D
Boston Legal (1-5) B
Breaking Bad (1-3) B
Bones (1-8 & 9,10,11) B,D


Title Type
Corpse vanishes D
Company of wolves D
Charlie's Angels 1 & 2 D
Chopper D
Crouching tiger hidden dragon D
City of lost children D
Chocky D
Cat's meow D
Casino royale D
Code 46 D
Cinderela D
Cube zero D
Cube D
Cypher D
Chronicles of Riddick D
Coffee & cigarettes D
Casino D
Carlito's way D
Citizen Kane D
Con air D
Changing lanes D
Clerks D
Chicken run D
Cogun's run D
Children of Dune D
Constantine D
Crimes & misdemeanors D
Curb your enthusiasm B
Chocolat D
Cremator D
Corpse bride D
Call of Cthulhu D
Cry baby D
Cloverfield D
Clean D
Cry of the Banshee D
Caprica D
Chuck 1 & 2 & 5 B
Cold Souls D
Classic Sci-fi - 7 movies B
Catterick D
Children of the stones D
Capitalism: a love story D
Casino Royale D
Clone D
Cosmos (TV series) B
Californication (season 5) B
Charlie Jade (S1) B
Crisis on infinite Earths B
Colossus D


Title Type
Day of the triffids (1963) D
Donnie darko D
Dark Angel B
Dawn of the dead (original & remake) B, D
Day of the dead D
Dark city D
Down by law D
Dogma D
Desperado D
Dog day afternoon D
Donnis Brasco D
Die another day D
Dragon: the Bruce Lee story D
Dr Who & the Darleks D
Darlek invasion Earth 2150AD D
Dune D
Downfall D
Descent D
Dark tales of Japan D
Daybreakers D
Downton Abbey (season 1-6,Xmas 2011-15) B & D
Defence of the realm D
Dark Matter B
The Draughtsman's Contract D


Title Type
Election D
Evil dead 1&2 D
Eating Raoul D
Ed Wood D
Everything you always wanted to know about sex... D
Event horizon D
Existenz D
Eraser D
Elektra D
Elizabeth D
El Mariachi D
Easy rider D
Everything is illuminated D
Extras B
Edge of Darkness D
Eva D
The Expanse (1-3) Blueray


Title Type
Fight club D
Father Ted B
Far from heaven D
Fabulous Baker boys D
Finding Nemo D
Family guy 1-3 B
Fellowship of the ring D
Futurama 2&3 B
Futurama:Bender's big score D
Futurama: the beast with a billion backs D
Futurama: into the wild green yonder D
From Hell D
Futureworld D
Fifth element D
Faculty D
Freejack D
Felix the cat D
Face off D
From Dusk till dawn B
Firefly B
French connection 1& 2 D
Flight of the concords 1 & 2 D
Fawlty Towers B
The Fall Blueray
The Fast and the Furious 1-3 D


Title Type
Grease D
Grosse Point blank D
Gosford Park D
Gattaca D
Goodies 1 B
Gandhi D
Gamera D
Grudge (Japanese & USA) D
Galaxy quest D
Goodbye Lenin D
Groundhog day D
Grand theft parsons D
Goodfellas D
Gone in 60 seconds D
Garden state D
Grey Gardens D
The Golden Compass D
Generation Kill B
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence D


Title Type
Honeymoon in Vegas D
Harold & Maude D
Heathers D
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy (tv & movie) B, D
Human traffic D
Harry Potter complete 8 film collection B
Howards End D
Hannah & her sisters D
Hero D
Hellraiser D
House on haunted hill (1999) D
Highlander 1-3 D
Heat D
House of the flying daggers D
Hotshots 1&2 D
Hills have eyes (original) D
Host D
Helix (S1) D
House of Cards (S1&2&3) D

I, J, K

Title Type
Insurrection D
Indiana Jones trilogy B
Incredibles D
Insomnia D
In the soup D
Imposter D
I am Legend D
I'm sorry I haven't a clue D
I love you Alice B Toklas D
The IT crowd 1-4 B & D
Inside job D
The Invaders B
An inconvenient truth D
Judge Dredd D
Johnny English D
James Bond B
Ju-on 1&2 D
Jindabyne D
Jason Statham collection B
Jonathan Creek B + Xmas specials
Jonathan Creek: grinning man D
Jonathan Creek: Judas tree D
Jessica Jones (S1) D
Knife in the water D
Killjoys (S1-4) D
Kingsman: the secret service D
Kingsman: the golden circle D


Title Type
Lexx (1.1-1.4) V
Lock stock & two smoking barrels D
LA confidential D
Legally blonde D
Love actually D
Lost in space (1&2 tv) B
Lost in space (movie) D
Land of the dead D
Lost boys D
Last emperor D
Lethal weapon 1-4 D
Long kiss goodnight D
Last Unicorn D
Last broadcast D
Lair of the white worm D
Let the right one in D
The Lost room D
The League of gentlemen B
Love in a cold climate D
Lilyhammer D
Lo and behold D


Title Type
Mystery train D
Mummy D
Mummy returns D
Mighty Aphrodite D
Monsoon wedding D
Matrix trilogy D
Moulin rouge D
My little eye D
Monkey B
Monsters Inc D
Minority report D
Man who wasn't there D
Manchurian candidate (2004) D
Mercury rising D
Mortal kombat D
Mask of Zorro D
Men in black D
Monty Python movies B
Monty Python and the holy grail D
Monty Python life of Brian D
Monty Python's Flying Circus B
Millennium 1-3 B
Mon oncle D
Metropolis D
Machinist D
Mighty Boosh live D
Mighty Boosh on tour - journey of the children D
Mighty Boosh (3) B
Merlin D
Macbeth: something wicked this way comes D
Michell & Webb situation B
Masters of sci-fi D
Margot at the wedding D
The Magic toyshop D
Mad men (season 1-4) B
Modern family (season 1&2) B
Manufacturing consent: Noam Chomsky and the media D
Masque of the red death D
Moon D
Monsters D


Title Type
Ninth gate D
Night on Earth D
Near dark D
Nightmare before Christmas D
Napoleon Dynamite D
Naken gun B
Night of the living dead D
Night watch D
Nightbreed D
Notorius D
Nine queens D
Nixon D
Never say never again D
Natural born killers D
Natural city D
Nosferatu D
Nightmare on Elm St D
Nadja D
Nightingale in a music box D
Nathan Barley D
Noah's Castle D
No Time to Die B

O, P, Q

Title Type
Others V
Once upon a time in America/Mexico/America D
Open your eyes D
Oktober D
Opposite of sex D
Odessy 5 B
Oz B
The Orphanage D
Once upon a time (S3) D
Pulp fiction D
Paris, Texis D
Private function D
Planet of the apes (original & 2002) V
Paycheck D
Pi D
Pink Floyd the wall D
Pirates of the Caribbean D
Planet Earth: the collection B
Plunkett & Maclean D
Picking up the pieces D
Phoenix D
Prisoner (tv) B
Pan's Labyrinth D
Paris, je t'aine D
Phantasm B
Piotr Szulkin (4 movies) B
Prometheus (Alien) D
Quiet American D
Quiet Earth D
Quatermass & the pit D
Quantum of solace D


Title Type
Rushmore D
Royal Tenenbaums D
Roman Polanski collection B
Resident evil 2 D
Ring D
Rebecca D
Robocop collection B
Running man D
Run Lola run D
Rocky horror picture show D
Raging bull D
Romper stomper D
Rambo first blood D
Robin Hood: men in tights D
Randall & Hopkirk deceased (2000) B
Raising Cain D
Relic hunter (Diamond in the rough) D
Roald Dahl's Tales of the unexpected (1&2) D
Red Dwarf: just the shows B
The Red riding trilogy D
The Road D
Rake (series 1&2) B
Redshift D


Title Type
Soylent Green D
Sanctuary (Season 1 & 2) D
Spaced B
Shooting fish V
Snatch D
Spiderman D
Sweet & lowdown D
Spinal top D
Silent running D
Solaris D
Shining D
Survivors B
Shivers D
Shadow of a vampire D
School of rock V
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine B
Star Trek: Next Generation B
Star Trek: Original B
Star Trek: The motion picture D
Star Trek: Wrath of Khan D
Star Trek: First Contact D
Star Trek: Insurrection D
Star Trek: Nemisis D
Star Trek: The Voyage Home D
Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country D
Star Trek: Beyond D
Star Trek (reboot with Chris Pine) D
Star Trek: Into Darkness D
Scream 1&2 D
Singing dectective B
Shaun of the dead D
Steve Coogan in Coogan's run D
Spellbound D
South Park 1 & 2 & 10 & 11 & 12 B,D
South Park the movie D
Starship troopers 1-3 B,D
Simpsons 2-6 B
Star Wars trilogy B
Star Wars: Phantom Menace D
Star Wars: Attack of the clones D
Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith D
Star Wars: Clone wars D
Star Wars: The Force Awakens D
Star Wars: The Last Jedi D
Star Wars: Solo Blueray
Star Wars: Rogue One Blueray
Sleepy hollow D
Scanners D
Superman 1&2 D
Stargate (original movie) D
Stargate Continuum D
Spy captain and the world of tomorrow D
Strange days D
Screamers D
Short (2) D
Sphere D
Seventh seal D
Station agent D
Shawshank redemption D
Series 7 the contenders D
Seven D
Sin D
Scarface D
Spawn D
Spyhard D
Scrubs 1 B
Seinfeld 1-9 B
Sideways D
Serenity D
Secret garden D
Shaolin soccer D
Scanner darkly D
Soprano's 1-7 B
Shrek 2 D
Science of sleep D
Stranger than paradise D
Straightheads D
Stephen King's IT D
Silent Hill D
Sunshine D
State of Play D
Screamers (1&2) D
Smiley's People B
The State Within D
The Stand D
Skyfall B
Spectre B


Title Type
Taking the Flak D
Tank girl D
Teletubbies D
Talk to her D
Take the money and run D
True romance D
Thing D
To kill a mocking bird D
Tomorrow people: Medusa strain D
Tomorrow people: Slaves of Jedikah D
28 days later D
28 weeks later F
Trilogy of the dead B
Texas chainsaw massacre (original) D
Two towers D
Theatre of blood D
Twilight zone: nightmare at 20,000 ft D
Terminator 1-3 D
Twelve monkeys D
Total recall D
2010: the year we make contact D
Twelth night D
Tailor of Panama D
13th warrior D
Taxi D
Time bandits D
Trancers 1&2 D
Team America D
Tideland D
300 D
Taking over the asylum D
30 days of night D
30 Rock 1,2&3 B
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy B
La Traviata D
Turandot D
Taken D


Title Type
Ultra violet D
Usual suspects D
Underworld D
Untouchables D
Unleashed D
Underbelly S1 D
Utopia 1&2 B
Up D


Title Type
Van Helsing D
Van Helsing: the London assignment D
Virging suicides D
Vampires (John Carpenter) D
Volver D
V: the complete series B
V: the final battle B
The Veil B


Title Type
Withnail & I D
Wild at heart D
Wickerman D
War of the worlds (original + live on stage) D
Wag the dog D
Wild wild west D
Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory (original) D
Watership Down D
The Wire (1-4) B
Whatever works D
The War on Democracy D
Weeds (S6) B
West Wing B
World on a Wire D
Wallander - original 1-6 B

Y, X, Z

Title Type
Yellow submarine D
X-Men D
X-Files (1-11) B (2018)
X-Files: I want to believe D
X-Files: Movie (special ed.) D
Zombieland D